Experimental Evaluation of AoA Estimation for UAV to Massive MIMO

Project Dataset

This dataset was collected by Tarence Rice from Rice University, at the university football stadium. In this project, we conducted a channel sounding measurement of uplink packets from a Drone to Massive MIMO. We use ASTRO, a framework for autonomous drones, and we've added a RENEW SDR to it. Before you use the datasets, please read the Data Copyright and License Agreement below.

Dataset Description

We completed a measurement campaign of the drone hovering at 20m over five locations. These locations are mapped using GPS locations from the Pixhawk flight controller used from the ASTRO drone platform:

  • Base Station Coordinates: 29.716052834135827, -95.40833132959355
  • Drone Loc. 1 [AZ Angle w.r.t BS -9.64]: 29.71587997076222, -95.40949629024838
  • Drone Loc. 2 [AZ Angle w.r.t BS 10.20]: 29.716231223497598, -95.40946649704692
  • Drone Loc. 3 [AZ Angle w.r.t BS 21.54]: 29.71641642334013, -95.40938623970409
  • Drone Loc. 4 [AZ Angle w.r.t BS 32.49]: 29.71659056000551, -95.40929848482654
  • Drone Loc. 5 [AZ Angle w.r.t BS 44.26]: 29.716750897595286, -95.40915175305562

Collection of the Massive MIMO data set missed three antennas. We zeroed out those locations within our dataset when processing allowing us to keep our spacing/structure (Test were done to understand the effects of this, where it was only a 1 to 2 degree range of error influenced).

Below are attributes of the RENEW-Argos V3 Massive-MIMO test bed.

  • Base station: Argos V3 Massive-MIMO
  • Signal Frequency: 3.6 GHz
  • Wavelength: 8.327 cm
  • Antenna spacing x (horizontal direction): 3.94 cm
  • Antenna spacing y (vertical direction): 6.66 cm
  • Sample Rate: 5 MHz
  • Modulation: QPSK
  • Array Size: 5 X 8
  • Data Size: 2240x74x4x1x2001
  • Polarity: 45degress & -45degress = (2240/2= 1120 samples)
  • Number of antennas: 74 (74+6missing=80)
  • Slot Pilot: Slot number from the schedule (order of sequence)
  • Samples: 1120(x2)

Data Copyright and License

Rice University hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the data for commercial, educational, and/or research purposes only. You agree to not redistribute the data without written permission from Rice University.

You agree to acknowledge the source of the data in any publication or product reporting on your use of it.

We provide no warranty whatsoever on any aspect of the data, including but not limited to its correctness, completeness, and fitness. Use at your own risk.

You agree to acknowledge Tarence Rice, "Experimental Evaluation of AoA Estimation for UAV to Massive MIMO", Rice University, 2022. in any publication or product reporting on your use of the data. If the data is not part of the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications reference data, you also agree to acknowledge the additional source of the data, if applicable.

NOTE: Downloading, obtaining, and/or using the data in any means constitutes your agreement with these terms.


# File Name Description Link Size
1 1_loc-trace-2022-5-28-9-12-41_1_74x2_0_73.hdf5 Download Dataset 2.6 G
2 3_loc_redo_3_trace-2022-5-28-10-44-54_1_74x2_0_73.hdf5 Download Dataset 2.6 G
3 4_loc_redo_3423_trace-2022-5-28-10-55-6_1_74x2_0_73.hdf5 Download Dataset 2.6 G
4 5_loc_trace-2022-5-28-9-46-44_1_74x2_0_73.hdf5 Download Dataset 2.6 G
5 6_loc_redo_trace-2022-5-28-10-23-24_1_74x2_0_73.hdf5 Download Dataset 2.6 G
2 aoa_matlab.zip Download Scripts 11 kB